aboutthe artist

Alan Braley was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1939 where he studied art at an early age. He was inspired by Vincent Van Gogh at the age of 12 to pursue his growing passion for art. Former art director, illustrator, advertising consultant, teacher and designer graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a BFA in Applied Arts. He also studied at the art academy. Alan is a national award winning artist and designer. Alan, Claire and their dog Casey live in Washington, DC. They spend summers in Maine.

"I strive to reveal the essence of the subject by means of abstraction and color."

Starting with a single stroke, I express my emotions through the paint and color, and the work begins to emerge. I add more and more color, expressing feelings and every year I try to make my paintings stronger and deeper. In this different language of paint we can only rely on partial statements or the power of suggestion. My primary concern is creating my own shapes and colors, fitting nature and objects into them afterwards.
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